Profile (English)

Arsaningsih, born in 1968, is a multi-talented woman who was raised in a culturally diverse environment. She accompanied her husband, a gynecologist, on assignments to remote areas, including East Timor, during a period of political upheaval, resulting in their return to Bali. It was during this time that her personal journey of self-development began.

Her insatiable thirst for knowledge has been a constant throughout her life, even as she fulfilled her roles as a mother of two sons and two daughters. Despite holding a formal degree in Human Resources Management, her passion for learning led her to acquire a wide range of additional skills and qualifications. These include Gymnastics and Beauty Certification, Energy and Crystal Healing in Malaysia, Energy Healing GMCKS Method up to Arhatic Level 2 in multiple countries, Clairvoyance training in the Philippines, Fengshui studies in China, Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing in Central Java, Public Speaking certifications, Neo NLP Practitioner National Certification, and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ping Liang, China.

Her diverse knowledge base culminated in the development of a unique maternity exercise technique known as Yophytta, which combines elements of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Positive Affirmations. This method underwent research by a Professor at Airlangga University’s Faculty of Medicine in Surabaya. The results demonstrated Yophytta’s effectiveness in alleviating anxiety in expectant mothers, leading to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthier deliveries. This earned her the MURI award in 2015 for conducting the most widely attended maternity exercise program, with 25,000 participants.

After her success through the Yophytta method, this woman, affectionately known as Bunda Arsaningsih, has formulated another method on self-development using energy which is applicable to individuals of all ages. This method is known as SOUL – Spirit of Universal Life. This method starts with the SOUL METER a method to know precisely one’s qualities. The other method is SOUL Reflection – a method used to cleanse and remove all negative values and to strengthen the positive ones. Thousands and thousands of people around Indonesia and international citizens have joined SOUL method workshops.

In addition to her practical achievements, Arsaningsih has authored two books: “Soul Reflection” in 2015, a magical book offering solutions to readers, and “Daily Soul Reflection” in 2023, serving as a supportive guide for personal growth. The former book was a best-seller published by BIP Gramedia for the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2015 and has been reprinted eight times as of 2023.

Since 2020, Arsaningsih has been conducting online classes that have benefited over 6,000 participants. Her classes cover various topics, including “The First Step to Recognise Your Pure Self” and “SOUL Parenting.” Furthermore, her YouTube channel has been a platform for countless podcast episodes on spirituality since 2019.

As a Meditation Guru, she has led weekly meditation sessions every Wednesday since 2014. During the pandemic, she transitioned to conducting online meditations on her YouTube channel, attracting participants from around the world. Post-pandemic, she resumed leading in-person weekly meditation sessions in Bali, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta, simultaneously broadcasting them live on YouTube for remote attendees. A special meditation event Upgrade Your Heart To Heal The Earth has been held in Denpasar (1300 participants), Jakarta (400 participants), Surabaya (500 participants), and Bandung (700 participants) in the past year.

Her most iconic quote is “the humble spare space in their hearts to share”.